Our amazing new marketing program reaches 95 - 100% of your best customers instantly!

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We help retail companies, salons, restaurants, recruitment and executive search, organizations, grocery, farmstands and other companies increase profits!

  • Imagine getting your message to everyone of your best customers in a matter of seconds.

  • We have programs that can match almost any budget!

  • Ask me about a 3, 4 or 6 month pilot program to test the waters! If you don't get a positive ROI, quit!

  • Try a demo now! Text SENTEXT to 51660 Text STOP to 51660 to opt-out.

For More information, you can also visit the corporate website at www.SenTextSolutions.com

If your company would like your customers to visit more often, PLEASE watch this video!

You came to this site because I stopped at your place of business or you referred to me.

Please watch the video and call me.   I look forward to working with you.

CALL 908-246-2765

  • Do you want to make your customers happy with your marketing?
  • Do you want your customers to buy from you more often?
  • Do you want to make a larger profit?
  • Would you invest $40, $60, $200 a month, or more, if you know you would make a positive ROI?
  • Yes of course

Call 908-246-2765

Now, please understand, we do have to get your customers to opt in and getting up and running can take a month or so.  You will always want to be continue marketing in order to add people to this program, so you should always keep marketing and adding new people.

Jack Roberts Coaching will be there to provide help and guidance along the way.  That is why we have a 100% renewal rate.

For more information call Bob Paulson at 908-246-2965 or email me below: Send Mail

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